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TECHNO (TDK-988) 88 Keys Digital Portable Keyboard Piano Murah - Music Instrument Keyboards Pianos for Kids/Adult

RM 1,080.00

Brand  : TECHNO

Model  : TDK-988

Keys    : 88 Piano Keys


-App Intelligent Learning and Exercise function

- 88 key standard strength piano keyboard

- 88 keyboard percussion, 88 LED keyboard flash

- 128 tones, 128 rhythms, 24 demonstrations

- Setting function of synchronization, insertion and memory

- Prelude/tail, metronome, double keyboard, double tone

- Shift, octave, tone and function

- Recording, playback, programming, programming playback, playing MP3

- You can use the number and select the song of wheel quickly

- Rotary total volume control

- Rhythm volume, chord volume, tempo control and rhythm speed control

- Multi-function LCD display

- Rotary quick selection wheel

- Built-in MP3 player

- Support USB external Bluetooth audio receiver

- MIDI-APP data connection jack

- Pedal lag pedal jack

- USB port and Micro SD card port

- Audio line output and headphone jack