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(Ready Stock) Kalimba Thumb card linbar 17 note beginners Finger Piano Kalimba finger harp karingba instrument

RM 68.80
Color: primary color (forest deer)

Product category: thumb piano

Material: Mahogany

Model: KLB12

Specification: Set

Kalimba 17 key thumb piano learn about the Kalimba Kalimba is an African instrument consisting of wooden boards (usually calibrated with resonators) and staggered metal spikes by holding the instrument in your hand and pulling them out with your thumb. Just play with two thumbs to make a wonderful sound. It is said that the music played by the instrument can not only eliminate the evil of patients, but also play a role in praying for rain. It is one of the most popular instruments. It has been well debugged and tested before delivery. It uses the international standard C tone, and uses double screw keys to enhance stability. In addition, it uses solid wood body to make resonance more fully. The tone seems warm and the sound lasts for a long time. In addition, if you are still not satisfied with the tone, you can adjust it yourself. How to adjust Kalimba 1. Tuner: you can use the real tuner or download the application. Android system application: gstrings, apple system application: intuner. (2) the pitch of the fork will be lengthened by lowering the pitch of the bridge.

Features :
• Mahogany Body and Mineral Steel Key
• Beautiful Instrument with a Warm Tone
• Small In Size and Easy to Use and Carry
• Great As A Gift For A Music Lover Of Any Age

Material : Mahogany & Metal
Number Of Key : 17
Colour : Wood
Size : 18 x 13 x 3.3cm