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(Ready Stock) Moboog High Quality Maple Drumsticks 5A / 7A Stik Drum Kayu Drum

RM 7.90

- These oak drumsticks feature oval wooden tips, good choices for drummer playing, beginner practicing, and more
The surface becomes polished, smooth and comfortable, feels very well on the hand and reduces wrist fatigue
5A/7A drum sticks applies to percussion on drums and dumb drums, a perfect choice for those who are beginner to drum beating.

Oak drum sticks provide lightning speed play with a stronger, straighter, and long lasting design.

Product: Drum stick Brand: Moboog
Wood: Oak / oak
Size: 5a 41cm / 16 inch length
Diameter: 1.5 cm - this product is 1 pair / 2pcs drum sticks.

- it 's made of quality oak.

- imported drum sticks with guaranteed quality.

- strong and durable.

- guaranteed new and original!