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NEKO Concert Ukulele Spruce Basswood Japan Neko Ukulele Design

RM 255.00

Our Ukulele is a high-quality, professionally played musical instrument, it is not a toy. We will ship within 24 hours of your order. It is our necessary work to carefully debug each ukulele before shipment, but all new ukulele in the world need to be tuned frequently because its string material is nylon and has strong elasticity . Don’t worry, this is normal. After you receive the Ukulele, if necessary, we can teach you how to tune the Ukulele.

The NEKO Concert Ukulele UKC-100 is the natural basswood finish version of their popular and features all-basswood construction to ensure a warm, well-rounded tone. Its concert-scale body provides a large sound and excellent projection in any playing situation. These ukuleles are an excellent choice for any level of ukulele player.


Size: 23 inch

Model: UKC-100 / UKC-200

Top Material: Spurce

Back & Side: Basswood

Fretboard: Rosewood

Finish: Satin

Nut & Saddle: ABS

Number of frets: 18

Width of Nut: 1.38in

Width of 12th frets: 1.77in


1.It's affordable. Compared to other instruments, like guitars, pianos, or sousaphones, you can get a pretty decent and playable ukulele for well . Like any instrument, you can always spend more, but ukuleles are relatively affordable.

2. It's Easy. As a four stringed instrument, most people will tell you ukulele is relatively easy to pick up compared to other instruments. Like anything though, if you want to be good, you have to set your mind to it.

3.It's Portable. The NEKO 23 inch Concert Ukulele UKC-100 with a beautiful and cute cartoon cat design, and you can take it wherever you goon the subway, to the supermarket, dinner parties, the beach......