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Ludwig LJR1061DIR 5-Piece Junior Drum Kit w/ Hardware+Throne+Cymbal, Black

RM 1,355.00

In short, Ludwig make some of the finest drums on the market, and is one of the most trusted names in the business. Drummers of all ages speak highly of Ludwig’s classic Black Beauty snare drum, but Ludwig now brings us the BreakBeats kit by Questlove. Whether you're looking for a great value kit or your next premium snare, you can't go wrong with Ludwig Drums.

About This Product

For almost 110 years, Ludwig has been a world leader in the manufacture of drums and percussion products, becoming a household name in on Feb 9th, 1964 when 73 million people watched the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, with the Ludwig logo clearly visible of the front of Ringo Starr's bass drum. The company's sales skyrocketed as a result, and for the next 20 years, Ludwig became the biggest name in drums in the USA. Their commitment to the highest quality standards is evident in everything they make, and the Junior series of complete drum kits are no exception.

Designed to inspire younger beginners to start a lifetime of drumming, the Ludwig Junior is a complete kit of high-quality drums with hardware and cymbals and a junior sized drum throne included. Everything your budding drummer needs to get started and keep playing is right here in one package.


Configuration    -     10x16" Bass Drum, 10 x 13"" Floor Tom, 5 x 8" and 5 x10" Toms, 4 x 12" Snare Drum

Extras    -     10" Hi-Hat Cymbals, 10" Crash Cymbal

Hardware    - Bass Drum Pedal, Hi hat stand with pedal, Straight Cymbal Stand, Snare Stand, Junior Drum Throne, Drum Key

Shells    -  Hardwood