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RM 79.90
Item Info: Pre-Order 20-25 Days

You have your own compose music and want to make a REAL CD copy as gifts to your friend’s? Don’t know where to make it? We have this service.

Please note:

We only will do the original music copy for your own compose, others pop music not belonging to your copyright will NOT Do it for you. (Means Karaoke)


We’re not providing a design for your Music CD album; all the design must be sent to us after you make a payment 1st. Total in 5 Pictures only (High Resolution Requirement) Please note that you have to ready all the material then make a payment.

1 - Front Cover (2500 X 2400) Height & Width
2 - Back Cover (2760 X 2360) Height & Width
3 - Front Back (2500 X 2400) Height & Width
4 - Under CD Cover (2760 X 2360) Height & Width
5 - CD Face Cover (2500 X 2500) Height & Width

Send us your audio files to our email address: [email protected]

Max 16 Song’s and not more than 80 minute

CD Content

Only Audio
Support any format (WAV or MP3)
Format Audio in CD: WAV (CD Quality)
Playable: CD Player / Car Player / HiFi CD Player / PC Disc Player
Paper Material: High Gloss Waterproof 280g
CD Material: Compact Disc Recordable with Waterproof printing.

After receiving your everything file’s and material, Will confirm all the printing before making the CD, after that it will take around 20-25 days to send to you. Hopefully you understand this is not READY STOCK, need time to get ready for printing & DISC.
Please chat with our Customer Service if you have any questions!
We’re happy to serve you


1 - 5 Copy = RM79.90 (NOW RM46.20) per CD
6 - 10 Copy = RM71.90 (NOW RM38.20) per CD
10 - 50 Copy = RM69.90 (NOW RM32.50) per CD
(Please chat with customer services for more copy)

Due to logistics cost restrictions, each order is limited to 10 sets of CDs. If you need more, please separate the order, thanks for your understanding. If not, we will cancel your order without informing you. Thanks

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