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Yamaha PSR-E473 61-Keys Portable Keyboard with Original Adapter (PSRE473 / PSR E473)

RM 2,116.50


- Wide 61-key range
- 820 lifelike instrument voices and 290 styles offer a wealth of musical possibilities
- Assignable knobs that can control effects and settings for interactive real-time performances
- Quick Sampling allows you to incorporate real-world sounds captured by an outboard mic or loaded through USB
- Momentary Motion Effect button can apply filter, pitch, and other modulation effects when pressed
- 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch inputs to play music from your audio device or even sing along with your tracks
- Pitch bend wheel provides expressive freedom in your playing
- Mega Boost kicks up your volume by 6dB for increased punch and dynamics
- USB to HOST with MIDI and audio transfer makes it easy to connect to your DAW
- Style Expansion Memory allows you to expand your style library even further
- Groove Creator gives you DJ-like real-time control over your tracks
- Built-in arpeggiator and octave shift/transposition tools